Tell DoJ: Dont let Monsanto get any bigger

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Don’t allow corporations more control over food & farming

Dear PAOV,

Higher prices and lack of competition aren’t good for farmers, or eaters.  But the “Big 6” pesticide and biotech corporations are doing their best to become the “Big 4” and exert even more control over our food and farming system.

While the process to approve the Monsanto/Bayer and Dow/DuPont mergers is anything but transparent, they deals aren't final yet. The Department of Justice (DoJ) is currently reviewing both and we’ve been told that the agency will listen closely to calls from concerned citizens — especially farmers.

Call today! Approval for these deals could come anytime and the DoJ needs to hear from all of us now.

Letting these mergers through would signal a doubling-down on a failing approach to agriculture that has given us superweeds and dramatic increases in the use of hazardous chemical cocktails.

Additionally, these mergers raise serious antitrust concerns, including increased prices and reduced choices for farmers. In states like Iowa where one in five jobs is connected to agriculture, higher seed prices and increased pesticide resistance would be catastrophic.

Stand up for the future of farming! Call the DoJ today and share your concerns.

The Dow/DuPont merger is first in the docket, and it was recently given the green light in the European Union. This is often an indicator that approval will soon follow in the U.S. and other countries.  

Time to speak up now! Blocking the first of these mega-mergers would set an incredibly important precedent — and stop further corporate control of the food we grow and eat.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to make a call to protect our food system.

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