Watch: a journey through the tar sands.

Watch a preview of the Pacific Climate Warriors’ tar sands journey r1


This past week, the most powerful out of season cyclone to ever hit the Southern Hemisphere tore through the Pacific Islands. While it bore down on on the small island state of Vanuatu, I was in Northern Alberta, taking a group of Pacific islanders on a tour through the tar sands.

These Pacific Climate Warriors have travelled halfway around the world to connect the dots between what we do here in Canada, and the impacts they feel at home. It’s been a tough week, but a powerful one. Watch this preview of the journey so far to see what I mean:

Today, the Pacific Climate arrive in Vancouver. We will meet with Indigenous... peoples, community members and others standing up to stop the Kinder Morgan pipeline where, after the recent BC election the fate of this pipeline hangs in the balance.

At the end of their time in Vancouver, we will release a short documentary telling the whole story of the Pacific Climate Warriors trip across Canada on May 16th. It will tell the story of an interconnected global struggle to preserve existence in the Pacific, defend Indigenous rights in Canada and protect the climate for people around the globe. Make sure you follow along the journey and find out how to watch on May 16th here.

In respect and peace,

Clayton Thomas-Müller

P.S. The Pacific Climate Warriors have invited Prime Minister Trudeau to join them in Vancouver for a water ceremony at the Kinder Morgan terminal. Thousands of people across Canada have echoed this invitation, telling Trudeau to meet the warriors. Will you add your voice as well? is building a global climate movement. You can connect with us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and r38

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