They save lives every day

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They save lives every day.

This past Thursday at our AGM, the BCCLA honoured Richard Rosenberg with the Lifetime Achievement Award and Sarah Blyth and the Overdose Prevention Society (OPS) with the Jennifer Prosser Wade Award for Courage: where truth speaks to power for the work they have undertaken in the midst of BC’s overdose crisis.

Today we want to make sure that all of our supporters have the opportunity to support the life-saving work of the OPS.

At the moment, sites like those run by the OPS are stepping in where our governments have failed. They are staffed by volunteers who work long hours to make sure people have an option where they do not need to consume drugs alone and out of sight. They are able to keep running because of amazing folks like you, who have donated to support this essential work.

They see over 500 people a day.

They save lives every day.

But they are still losing friends every day.

At the event people in the room generously contributed $635 to their work! If you would like to make a donation in support of their life-saving work, click on the link below.

OPS is volunteer run and operated. Please click here to donate to the OPS crowdfunder for supplies, tents volunteer training, and cleaning.

OPS has raised just over $35,000 of their $50,000 goal. Let's help them meet this urgent need!

Thank you for your compassion and generosity in the face of the deadliest overdose crisis that BC has ever known.


The BCCLA team


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