ACTIVlist Update - May 17, 2017

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NEB overhaul proposal panders to corporate interests, leaves out public interest
Will we stop at a re-branding or will we fix what ails the NEB?

Guelph chapter calls on Liberal MP Longfield to keep his promise on electoral reform
The Council of Canadians Guelph chapter took part in a Democracy Guelph/ All Votes Count meeting on May 13 and is continuing to encourage their Liberal MP Lloyd Longfield to keep his promise on... electoral reform.

Trudeau government fails Indigenous women with bungled inquiry
The Council of Canadians first supported the call for a national inquiry into murdered and missing Indigenous women in October 2012.

New Council of Canadians poll shows 91% want Liberals to implement pharmacare
The Council of Canadians has commissioned a new poll on public support for pharmacare as the issue on universal drug coverage and drug prices intensifies.

Toronto chapter holds forum on electoral reform in lead-up to May 31 House of Commons vote
The Council of Canadians Toronto chapter held a public forum on electoral reform last night that focused on the upcoming House of Commons vote on a motion to concur with the recommendations of the Special Committee on Electoral Reform.

Guelph chapter joins with Wellington Water Watchers for 'Full Moon Water Blessing'
The Council of Canadians Guelph chapter and Wellington Water Watchers partnered for a 'Full Moon Water Blessing' on Mother's Day, May 14.

7 Council of Canadians chapters to screen '100 Short Stories' documentary
Seven Council of Canadians chapters will be screening the film '100 Short Stories' by Nova Scotia filmmaker Neal Livingston.

Inverness County chapter asks candidates to respond to question on forestry by May 19
The Council of Canadians Inverness County chapter is asking their local candidates running in the Nova Scotia provincial election their position on Nova Scotia forests and the forestry industry.

London chapter rallies for the rights of Palestinian prisoners
The Council of Canadians London chapter took part in a Nakba (Catastrophe) Day gathering yesterday afternoon.

Quill Plains chapter calls for action on pharmacare in Humboldt Journal letter to the editor
The Council of Canadians Quill Plains (Wynyard) chapter has had a letter to the editor on the urgent need for pharmacare published in the Humboldt Journal, which has a circulation of 3,443 readers.


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