Here we go...Solitary confinement trial starts today

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Dear friends and supporters,

This morning the BCCLA and the John Howard Society of Canada started our trial challenging Canada's solitary confinement regime. This moment is years in the making.

This trial will go on for the next nine weeks. Your financial support is the only thing that makes this work possible. Will you chip in today as we begin this historic trial?

Here's a reminder of what we're fighting for.

BobbyLee's story: "Solitary is designed for one thing - to break your will to live"

Cruel and unusual punishment

Solitary confinement as it is practiced in Canada violates core constitutional and human rights. Isolating prisoners for 23 hours a day without meaningful human contact has led to preventable death and suffering. 

It has been applied most often against mentally ill and Indigenous prisoners. As the UN has found, long-term solitary confinement is torture.

With your support we can put an end to this practice.

Please donate today to support this critical work for fundamental justice and human rights.

Over the next 9 weeks, the Supreme Court of British Columbia will hear from inmates who have suffered under this unconstitutional practice, including from Bobby Lee Worm who spent almost 3 ½ years in solitary confinement.

Too many people have suffered irreparable harm or have lost their lives under a system of guidelines without guarantees. This brutal and debilitating practice must end.

Today, those who have suffered under this regime for the last 25 years will get their day in court.

Thank you so much to those who have donated to get us to this day, and thank you to everyone who can chip in today to help us get through the next nine weeks.

With thanks,

Everyone at the BC Civil Liberties Association

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