Reproductive Rights Alone Arent Enough

Open Society Foundations Naa Hammond
When a group of black women activists coined the term “reproductive justice” in 1994, they weren’t simply adding to the lexicon of social justice. With two words, they were making an argument with profound implications—namely, that the struggle for reproductive rights and health could never be separated from the larger struggle against racism, economic inequality, homophobia, and transphobia. Because it is at the intersection of these forces where people must make crucial decisions about their bodies, families, and lives. More than 20 years later, the struggle continues. But with the reproductive justice movement as a guide, a rising number of progressive organizers have come to see why forging and affirming these connections is an integral element of lasting, transformative change.



An Unprecedented Corruption Trial Unfolds in Paris

Talking Justice podcast banner
In the new episode of Talking Justice, host Jim Goldston and guests examine the case of Teodoro Obiang—the first senior public figure to go to trial for corruption outside his home country.

Governance & Accountability

Q&A: A Rotten Deal in Nigeria and the Global Movement for Transparency

A man holding a bucket, walking on a wood plank walkway
As two major oil companies face court cases over a deal in Nigeria, Global Witness’s Rachel Owens talks about how activists are fighting for transparency and justice—and what the international community can do to help.

Rights & Justice

The United States’ Vital Role in the UN Human Rights Council

Nikki Haley at a podium.
The UN Human Rights Council is one of the most important entities in the human rights community, as well as one of the principal means through which the United States influences human rights policy worldwide.


Daily Life in the Midst of Northern Nigeria’s Crisis

Women walking in a field
In this week’s Open Society Instagram takeover, Fati Abubakar captures the multifaceted reality of life in Nigeria’s northeast.

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