Global Summit Calls for 'World Without Walls'

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A Socialist Project e-bulletin .... No. 1444 .... July 5, 2017

Global Summit Calls for 'World Without Walls'

Convened by the Bolivian government and social movements, a global peoples’ summit on migrant and refugee rights attracted more than 4000 pro-migrant and refugee rights activists from 43 countries. Dubbed the World People’s Conference "For a World without Borders Toward Universal Citizenship," it was held in the town of Tiquipaya, on June 20-21.

Following two days of discussion on issues such as the structural and systemic causes of human movement, the impact of climate change, economic crisis and interventionist policies on migration flows and strategies for protecting and increasing the rights of migrants, refugees and their families, the following declaration was adopted by the conference.

Social movements and citizens from around the world, meeting in Tiquipaya, Bolivia, on June... 20 and 21, 2017, after hearing the testimonies of migrants and refugees and collectively debating on the basis of our historic memory and the plurality of our identities, approve the following declaration, with the aim of manifesting our vision and proposals regarding the so-called migrant crisis to states and the international community.

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