Yulin dog meat festival update

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Hello PAOV,

As an animal-lover, it's likely that you've been hearing news of the Yulin dog meat festival. Despite some setbacks, progress has been made and now is a good time to reflect to help determine what needs to happens next.

You can read more about the lessons learned and what it means going forward.

Stay tuned for the upcoming release of “After Yulin,” an educational video produced by your friends at Change.org. The video will feature key advocates and experts working to end Yulin and the dog meat trade, and we will ask them questions about what is working, what isn’t, and how they envision the road ahead.

We will share the video in the near future — our hope is it will be a great tool for animal-lovers like you to share with your friends and family to invite them to become more involved and build on the progress you helped make possible.


Jason B.
Change.org Team

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