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Paov, the Canadian government is only weeks away1 from heading into renegotiations on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) — and it wants your feedback by July 18.2

Remember the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)? Those same lobbyists want to carbon copy over the worst parts of the TPP into NAFTA and, once again, put Big Media giants before everyday Canadians like yourself.3

But if we seize this opportunity to flood the government’s consultation with our concerns about NAFTA’s potential to... erode our digital rights, then we can ensure our government stands up for Canadians and rejects Big Media’s extreme agenda in upcoming negotiations.

Submit your views on the record today: don’t let NAFTA undermine the digital rights of Canadians.

A renegotiated NAFTA could mean extended copyright terms, a mandatory notice-and-takedown system, rigid rules on digital locks, and a tribunal dispute process that would allow Big Media companies to sue our government for making policies they don’t like. Even our privacy and Net Neutrality rules are under threat!4

You’ve told us again and again that it’s time for Canada to embrace balanced copyright laws that prioritize free expression along with transparent trade processes that serve everyday Canadians, not just a few corporate lobbyists and their selfish agenda.5

We can’t let the government repeat the same mistakes it made in negotiating the TPP – secretively and undemocratically. If enough of us speak out before the July 18 deadline, we can make it impossible for them to ignore our concerns. Instead, the government will know that you expect them to have to come up with a proactive strategy to protect our digital rights in NAFTA.

Send your message now!

By taking part in the government’s consultation we’ll show them we’re watching closely and won’t allow them to sign us up for a trade agreement that does not protect Canada’s digital future. The deadline for feedback is rapidly approaching, so please add your voice right now!

Marie, on behalf of your OpenMedia team

P.S.: Canadians strongly opposed the TPP because it put our digital future on the chopping block. So why should we agree to the same disastrous proposals under a different name? We need to make a strong stand, right now — tell the government you will not accept more secretive trade negotiations that put our digital rights at stake.



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