Global Citizens Just Put Poverty on G20 Agenda

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Hey Paov,
It’s official, your actions just got G20 leaders to step up for poverty.

The G20 summit was held this weekend in Hamburg, Germany — a collection of countries that make up over 85% of the planet’s GDP. In other words, the countries that have the fiscal power to play a critical role in ending poverty.

Which is why over 750,000 of you tweeted, called, petitioned, and emailed G20 leaders demanding them to make concrete commitments towards the Sustainable Development Goals for a world where no one... is left behind. And why 11,000 Global Citizens joined world leaders, activists, and artists at our Festival in Hamburg the night before the G20 convened just a few minutes drive from the summit venue.
Now we are a little closer to that world. The official communique — the document which G20 leaders release to the public that outlines what was agreed on in the summit — is out and it contains some very good news on the areas of education and health, two core pillars of the Sustainable Development Goals— our roadmap to seeing an end to poverty by 2030.

GLOBAL HEALTH SECURITY: Following over 74,000 actions by Global Citizens, leaders agreed to fully eradicate polio— just the momentum needed to take the world over the finish line, for a disease that is 99.9% eradicated.

But it’s not just polio that received much needed focus in the G20 communique — pandemic preparedness was also outlined, too— an issue that over 37,000 of you have taken issue on in the past 6 months. This commitment from the G20 agenda could not come at a more vital time when we are more connected than ever, and as health experts warn, the next pandemic is just around the corner.

UNIVERSAL ACCESS TO EDUCATION: For the first time ever, we saw concrete recommendations to support education for all in the G20 communique.  The G20 have agreed to support and guide the development of all three of the complementary financing mechanisms that 136,639 of you took actions in support of— the Global Partnership for Education, Education Cannot Wait fund and the International Financing Facility for Education. And it even outlined that this support would extend under Argentina’s G20 Presidency of the G20 in 2018— a promise that was also declared on the Global Citizen Festival stage the night before by the country’s President, Mauricio Macri.

This commitment comes at a critical time for global education — the fight for which was described by UN Special Envoy and former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown on our festival stage in Hamburg as, “the civil rights struggle of our generation.”

Thank you for your collective voice. Without you we would not have achieved an unprecedented level of focus on poverty in the G20 summit— this is historic progress.

Together, we will create a world where no one is left behind.

Thanks for doing what you do,
The Global Citizen Team

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