We put Big Oil sponsors on display at the Museum of History.

Tell Canada's most iconic museum to cut ties to the oil lobby. r1


The Canadian Museum of History is drawing in record numbers of visitors this year thanks to their freshly minted “Canadian History Hall.” This exhibit has been applauded for the honest and uncensored view it offers into Canada’s national history.

But what fewer people know is that this exhibit, and a number of others at the Museum, are sponsored by the most dangerous Big Oil lobby group in the country: the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP).

CAPP’s fingerprints are all over extreme climate events sweeping the globe and some of the worst Indigenous rights violations right here at home. CAPP’s dirty work directly contradicts the Museum's values. Will you sign the petition calling on Museum CEO Mark O’Neill to cut ties to CAPP?

This weekend, some of my... friends and I were at the Museum of History and we put CAPP on display with an unsanctioned, alternative exhibit that shed a light on all of the dirty work CAPP has done.

By lobbying on behalf of the dirtiest oil and gas companies in the world, CAPP undermines climate science, lobbies politicians to approve dirty fossil fuel projects, and pushes an agenda that violates Indigenous rights. Clearly, CAPP has staked a claim on the wrong side of history but the Museum can -- and should -- stand on the right side of history. Tell Mark O’Neill that Canada’s most iconic cultural institution should never accept dirty money from Big Oil.

People like us speaking up can make all the difference. Thanks to people’s movements, institutions around the globe like the Tate Modern museum in London and the American Museum of Natural History in New York have cut ties to Big Oil.


PS - Check out the whole story from the action this Saturday by clicking here.

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