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Many people don’t realize that is powered by our members — people who believe in our mission of empowering anyone, anywhere to make a difference. Our members each chip in a small amount each month to help make possible. With their support, petitions started by everyday people are able to gain momentum and ultimately shape the policies and decisions around the globe. The following story describes how one woman took on the factory farming system, and won her campaign!

While millions across the Canada expressed outrage at the Yulin dog meat festival in China, many are unaware of the fight against widespread animal cruelty taking place in our own backyard.

Many Canada-based factory farms have been publicly exposed for their horrible mistreatment of farm animals. Pigs, just as intelligent and social as dogs, are squeezed into crates so small they can’t even turn around, let alone walk. Millions of chickens live their whole lives confined to a space as big as a notebook.

You’re probably wondering: “Who is behind this type of animal abuse?”

The farm-industry, along with the retail businesses that sell meat-based products to consumers, are to blame, according to many experts. Undercover footage shows chickens huddled together in dark warehouses, subjected to horrific abuse by workers. Live and conscious chickens have their legs torn from their body; they are thrown around, stomped on and left to die an agonizing death.

It’s the kind of abuse you would never expect to see in a country like Canada. But it’s happening right here.

Despite how hard they try to hide it, the public is learning the truth. People like Lia are defending farm animals and taking on big business.

Lia is a student on a budget who frequently stopped at Subway for a quick lunch on-the-go. But, when she learned how Subway’s chickens were raised, she was horrified. As she states, “They are bred to grow grotesquely large at an unnaturally fast rate and are violently shackled, electrocuted, and slit at their throats while fully conscious.”

Lia decided to take action and started a petition to convince Subway to stop torturing chickens. She didn't have money or lobbyists, but she connected with The Humane League for support. Together, they used's free tools to gain the support of more than 50,000 people. Lia went on to win her campaign, pressuring Subway to commit to sourcing chickens from responsible farms. wants to continue providing free, easy-to-use digital tools so that people like Lia can take on corporate giants and hold them accountable. But we need your help.

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