The Summer of Fear for New York Subway Riders

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A Socialist Project e-bulletin .... No. 1460 .... August 2, 2017

The Summer of Fear for New York Subway Riders

Natalia Tylim

After months of increasing delays at all times of the day and night, a series of incidents have now raised an even more urgent question: about the daily safety for those who ride and work on New York City's Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA).

On July 17, the Monday morning commute ground to a halt for anyone in need of the A, B, C or D lines when a track fire trapped two trains full of people underground and disrupted service for tens of thousands trying to get to work.

Four days later, the derailment of a Q train at Brighton Beach -- the fourth derailment on an MTA subway this year --... shut down service for five hours, with passengers forced to evacuate. That same day, jam-packed rush hour trains from the Roosevelt Avenue transit hub in Queens were stalled for hours due to signal problems.

New Yorkers' growing frustration at constant service problems is now being combined with anxiety about impending doom.

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