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The Canadian government is about to completely change the way energy projects like tar sands pipelines are approved.

It is receiving intense pressure from big oil companies to back down on bold reforms to the National Energy Board (NEB). We need to make sure our elected politicians hear from thousands of us, not just big oil companies.

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The process for approving new pipelines and big oil projects could change if enough of us speak out now.

Canada's broken environmental process under the National Energy Board (NEB) rubber-stamps virtually all new energy projects in a complete industry-backed sham. But the Trudeau government promised to take steps to fix it.

Industry is fighting tooth and nail to make sure the new rules protect their corporate profits. That's why we need your help to make sure the government stands up for us and creates an environmental assessment process that is transparent, fair and protects communities, Indigenous rights, and future generations. 

This is a critical moment -- and won't have an opportunity like this again.

Can you tell your MP to fix the National Energy Board now?

Earlier this year, the government created a special panel came to study the National Energy Board. Its expert panel's review raised major concerns about confidence, transparency, and independence of the NEB.

The panel even recommended shutting down the NEB and creating two new agencies based in Ottawa.

In response to these recommendations, the Trudeau government committed to listening to Canadians before making a decision this fall about the future of the NEB. 

That means the government needs to hear from you now.

We deserve an NEB that works for people, not industry. We need an NEB determined to decarbonize our economy. We need an NEB that will put Indigenous rights and title first. We need an NEB that is transparent, accountable and in line with the landmark Paris Accord that Canada fought for and signed. Anything less is a betrayal of Canadians and future generations.

Tell your MP to restore trust in the NEB, and create an environmental assessment process that works for people over profits.

Thanks for all that you do,
Emma, Michael, Angus and the rest of the SumOfUs team 

More information: 

NEB Reform: 3 of the 5 members close to the pipeline industry [French article], Le Devoir, Nov 9, 2016
Trudeau-appointed panel recommends replacing NEB, National Observer, May 15, 2017


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