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We kicked off the End of Summer Compassion Challenge last week­. From now until September 22, all new monthly donations will be matched by a generous donor up to $10,000!
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Every day, our lawyers fight for animals. Last month, Animal Justice exposed shocking animal cruelty at an Ottawa-area zoo. Now Ontario’s lax zoo laws are in the spotlight, and the government is under pressure to protect animals from zoo abuse.
Our legal team will go to court on Friday to help save whales and dolphins from captivity at the Vancouver Aquarium. The Aquarium is challenging a new law banning them from keeping whales in tanks, claiming it's a violation of their freedom of expression. But we’re stepping in to give a voice to cetaceans and all other animals who would be affected if this dangerous case succeeds.
We're also fighting to improve farmed animal transport regulations by demanding the government brings Canada's outdated standards in line with the rest of the western world.

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Your friends at Animal Justice   MATCH MY GIFT   Animal Justice leads the legal fight for animal protection in Canada. Our lawyers work to pass strong new animal protection laws, push to prosecute animal abusers, and fight on behalf of animals in court.

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