Highway of Tears

One of BC’s most dangerous highways, the Highway of Tears, is about to lose an essential mode of transportation that could put more lives in danger.

Highway 16 is also known as the Highway of Tears because of the high number of primarily Indigenous women and girls who have gone missing or been murdered while travelling along the highway since the 70s.

Greyhound, who are the only providers of long-distance transport along the highway between Prince George and Prince Rupert, have applied to end all bus runs along the route. [1] A majority of the women who have gone missing or been murdered along the highway have disappeared while hitchhiking, and without an affordable transportation service, communities along the highway are being put at risk. [2]

Just last week, BC Transportation Minister Claire Travena said that she is considering options to replace the Greyhound service, but with lives potentially at risk, there’s no time to lose. [3] We need to speak out now to ensure that safe and affordable transportation is put in place immediately. 

Joanna, a Leadnow member from Prince Rupert, has started a petition calling on BC Transit Minister Claire Travena to fund affordable long-distance travel along the Highway of Tears - will you sign her petition?

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Bus service along Highway 16 was a key recommendation of the Highway of Tears Symposium in 2006 - but cuts to the Greyhound service put that at risk. [4] If Greyhound cuts this route from its service, more people will be forced to hitchhike to get where they need to go. 

The BC Government is already subsidizing short-distance travel for communities in the area, but we need to ensure that those who need to travel longer distances also have access to affordable transportation. [5]

Will you sign Joanna’s petition calling on the BC Government to immediately replace the Greyhound service? 

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Communities have been rallying to draw attention to issues along the highway for years, and we’ve seen their efforts pay off with the implementation of short-distance transit. [6] If enough of us speak out, together we can make sure that the BC Government acts quickly to replace the Greyhound service and provide accessible long-distance transportation to the communities who need it.  

Sign the petition: https://you.leadnow.ca/petitions/demand-the-bc-government-provide-affordable-transportation-on-the-highway-of-tears?source=ln&bucket=ln

We’re in this together, 

Chloe, Katelynn and Logan on behalf of the Leadnow team 


[2][4] http://www.turtleisland.org/healing/highwayoftears.pdf (pg 18)
[6] http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/highway-of-tears-getting-regular-bus-service-1.3637602 


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