Kinder Morgans Pipeline Shall Not Pass

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A Socialist Project e-bulletin .... No. 1479 .... September 8, 2017

Kinder Morgan’s Pipeline Shall Not Pass

B.C. voters did not grant permission for bitumen pipelines

Michael Hale

Shortly after British Columbia’s recent election, Alberta Premier Rachel Notley publicly declared that one province cannot hold another hostage by blocking a pipeline. She was referring to the fact that both the B.C. New Democrats and the Green Party had campaigned on platforms focused on building the new energy economy and opposing new pipelines. Many who live in B.C. reject Notley’s specious logic and instead believe that one province cannot trample First Nations’ rights and ruin the earth for the rest of the country.

A significant majority of Canadians know that climate change is real and is already happening. Polling shows that most want Canada to... meet its commitments under the Paris climate agreement and start taking meaningful action against climate change.

Yet the Trudeau and Notley governments speak the lines given to them by big oil. You’ve heard them: "Canada must get its resources to tidewater," or "you can have pipelines and wind turbines." These are lines right out of the fossil fuel songbook. They are also demonstrably false. Scientists, economists and the general public have raised objections that have not been answered. The bottom line is that all reasonable estimates show that Canada has ample pipeline infrastructure to meet its needs while we make the transition to the new economy.

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