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With fall almost here, it’s time to share how people like you are having an impact on Change.org. Several campaigns have made headlines recently and are leading to real change here in Canada. Take a look:

Pastor Lim returns home

After more than two years imprisoned in North Korea serving a life sentence with hard labour, Pastor Lim is back home in Canada.

Daughter fights for her mom and other laid off Sears staff

Sears announces a $500,000 hardship fund for laid off workers, using money set aside for executive bonuses.

Restaurant industry employees put an end to IOU system

Celebrity chef Susur Lee’s restaurants are called out for an illegal IOU system that regularly took money from workers’ tips.

These are just a few of victories we see every day -- Read more about winning change happening across Canada.

Thanks for being part of the Change.org community. Together, we’re raising our voices and influencing government and business decision-makers across Canada.

Laura D.
Change.org Canada

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