Simple actions to send a big message.

Thanks for pulling together to stop Kinder Morgan. r1


We asked for your support last week and your response blew us away. In less than a week we raised almost $2,000 for First Nations legal cases to stop Kinder Morgan. Thank you for your generosity and for spreading the word.

On Monday, First Nations challenging the approval of Kinder Morgan will go to Canada’s highest courts. These Indigenous-led legal cases are our best chance of overturning Trudeau's decision to approve this pipeline. Taking the government and Big Oil to court isn’t cheap -- and these communities are looking for support to pay for their legal fees. If you can, show your support. Sign up to host a fundraiser in your community.

Your fundraiser doesn’t need to be too complicated. You... could do something simple to send a big message -- like asking for donations at a community meeting or family gathering. Yesterday, student divestment campaigners on the East Coast held bake sales to raise some money. Just today, I did something really simple: I passed a hat around at at a meeting with youth climate activists in Ottawa to raise some funds.

The room was very receptive and nearly everyone at the meeting contributed. To see a video of me passing my hat or if you need fundraising ideas, visit our website for more information.

There’s also the option of donating directly to the legal fund supporting these communities. Every little bit helps. If you prefer, make a direct donation to Indigenous legal cases to stop Kinder Morgan.

Kinder Morgan has secured all the permits it needs to start construction next month on its privately owned terminal port. But First Nations, municipalities, and even the provincial government of British Columbia stand united in opposition to this project. Let’s stand behind them by pulling together to stop Kinder Morgan.

No matter what happens in the courts, we will be ready to do what it takes to stop this pipeline. Stay tuned to hear more about our upcoming plans.

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