Can I level with you?

I need to level with you, Supa. We’re $8448 short of our fundraising goal for this quarter, and if we don’t close the gap by Saturday night, we’ll have to cut back our plans for the fall.

This is really not a good time to put our foot on the brakes. Right now, billionaire corporations are trying to bully Trudeau into putting their profits before our rights in NAFTA negotiations. The Conservatives are surging in the polls. Kinder Morgan is trying to start pipeline construction, and the fate of Site C will be decided in just weeks. [1-4]

We need to fight with everything we’ve got this fall -- but the truth is that unless we close the fundraising gap, we’ll have no choice but to scale down some of your campaigns.

On Monday, I’m sitting down with our Operations Manager to go over the final fundraising numbers and decide what we can afford, and what we’ll have to cut. There’s still time to save your campaigns from the chopping block -- but only if we raise $8448 by midnight on Saturday.

We don’t take big cheques from billionaire CEOs or handouts from government, so the only way we can close the gap is if every one of us chips in what we can right now.

So what do you say? Can you chip in just $5 to help Leadnow win critical campaigns this fall?

Chip in $5

Our people-powered model stretches every dollar a long way -- but the costs do add up. Here’s what your donation will cover this fall:

  • Ads, banners and props for hard-hitting actions. Your donations helped us fly a gigantic blimp outside last week’s NAFTA negotiations in Ottawa -- and it was covered in the international media! This fall we need to be ready with creative new tactics to get media attention and win campaigns.
  • Keeping our website running. Our online campaigning tools help us reach thousands of people in key moments, and we couldn’t win campaigns without them. But they aren’t cheap; it costs more than $2000 every month just to keep our website, database and tech tools running.
  • Investing in new digital tools (that will save us money in the long run). We want to rebuild our website and launch a new volunteer hub to give Leadnow members across the country powerful tools to organize in their communities. In the long run, these new tools will let us phase out expensive and inadequate systems that currently cost us thousands every month, freeing up more money to spend on campaigns.
  • Covering core costs. We keep our overhead low, but there are some hard costs we can’t avoid -- things like clipboards and pens for our volunteers, salaries for our small staff team, and rent for our small offices in Vancouver and Toronto.

With just days until the end of the quarter, we’re $8448 short of our fundraising goal -- and I really don’t want to cut back on any of our plans. The stakes are too high, and frankly, it scares me to think what could happen if we back off now. If all of us chip in what we can, I know we can close the fundraising gap before the Saturday deadline.

Could you be the one who helps us reach our goal? Chip in $5 now.

Chip in $5

Remember, unlike many organizations, we are funded primarily by small one-time and monthly donations from members like you. It helps us stay independent and nimble so that we can respond at the drop of a hat in key moments, but it only works if enough of us chip in. Click here to give whatever you can afford:

We’re in this together,
Logan and Jolan, on behalf of the entire Leadnow team

PS - If you prefer to donate by cheque, please send your cheque payable to "Leadnow" to: PO Box 2091, Stn Terminal
Vancouver, BC
V6B 3T2

Please include a note with your cheque, so we know who it's from.

To donate by phone you can call us toll-free at 1‑855‑LEADN0W (1‑855‑532‑3609) ext 2. We also accept donations by PayPal, Interac e-Transfer, Vancity Credit Union instant transfer, or pre-authorized payment from your bank account. See here for details:



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