Your Uber win has arrived!

But London could let Uber exploit drivers again if we don't act now

London's transport regulator just stood up to Uber, and it was beautiful.

Sign our Thank You card to Transport for London, and take a moment to celebrate this massive win for people over profits!

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It's official: Uber isn't fit to run cabs in London, where it has been exploiting drivers and dodging regulations for years.

Transport for London (TfL) and the Mayor of London are being bombarded with threats and complaints from Uber right now -- so let’s show them some... love, and celebrate this win for people over profits!

Please sign our Thank You card to Transport for London and pass it on!

When 100,000 people have signed the card, SumOfUs campaigners and Uber drivers will deliver it to TfL officials in London. We will also ask them again to only grant Uber a license if drivers are treated fairly.

Many drivers are working punishingly long hours for less than the UK national minimum wage in order to try and make ends meet. Drivers working excessive hours is bad for drivers, bad for passengers, and bad for other road users too.

Please sign the Thank You card to TfL, in solidarity with drivers fighting for their rights.

Uber’s UK bosses are crying bloody murder, but even their own CEO was forced to admit that the company must change.

SumOfUs members have been campaigning -- and winning -- for months to stop Uber's abuses around the world. Last Monday SumOfUs campaigners, Uber drivers, and GMB union organizers delivered our Uber drivers’ rights petition with more than 106,000 signatures to TfL.

Our partners GMB won a landmark employment tribunal case in London last year on behalf of drivers. The court ruled that Uber drivers are not self-employed contractors. They are employed workers with rights like the national minimum wage, and holiday pay.

Uber was in court this week again to appeal that drivers’-rights case -- just as the multinational corporation was sending millions of emails asking its riders to petition the Mayor of London about the plight of Uber drivers.

TfL's announcement is a massive win for everyone campaigning to stop corporations like Uber ignoring the rights of workers and communities where they operate. Let’s hold up TfL’s positive example to transport regulators and city authorities around the world, and celebrate this win!

Sign the card

Sign the Card

Thanks for all that you do,
Eoin, Tricia and the team at SumOfUs

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