Breaking: Energy East is dead.

And Kinder Morgan will be next. r1


Today, like many of you, I woke up to the best news. TransCanada announced that it’s withdrawing its application to build the Energy East tar sands pipeline because the project would need to pass a climate test. The proposal for the largest tar sands pipeline ever is dead and it’s thanks to all of you.

You and I know that no tar sands pipeline can pass a climate test. And today, we’ve learned that Big Oil knows it too. But, if one pipeline needs to pass a climate test -- so do the others. Join me to say thanks, to Prime Minister Trudeau and his Environment and Natural Resource ministers, for listening to and supporting people’s call for a climate review of pipelines -- and to demand that Kinder Morgan... must face the same test.

This was a long fought fight. First Nations and communities all along the route of Energy East, including people in my hometown of Montreal, have been rising up against this project since it was first proposed four years ago. Two years ago, thousands of people intervened in the review process for the project calling for climate to be considered in its assessment. Today, two things are clear. Firstly, climate action and pipelines don’t mix. Secondly, people powered organizing and resistance works.

This is certainly a day for celebration. But it’s also a day to build on this win and demand better. Prime Minister Trudeau approved the Kinder Morgan pipeline without any sort of a climate test. If Energy East needs a climate test -- so does Kinder Morgan. We can’t let down our friends on the West Coast who are fighting for the same thing. Tell Prime Minister Trudeau, and Ministers McKenna and Carr, to listen to the people and give Kinder Morgan a proper climate test.

I am immensely grateful to stand beside you in this movement. Thank you for all that you have done to resist tar sands expansion. When we rise up, we win.

Onwards to a future beyond the tar sands,

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