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Petitioning Google, Inc Google: Take down instructional videos for illegal automatic gun modifications!

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It only took fifteen minutes for the worst mass shooting in U.S. history to occur. One man was able to injure or kill 559 people from a Las Vegas hotel window. The Clark County Sheriff has confirmed that two of the weapons used in the massacre “appeared to have been mechanically converted to full automatic fire.”

Despite automatic weapons being illegal, people can turn to places like YouTube to learn how to turn their weapons into killing machines. A quick search for “diy automatic weapon” on Youtube returns 1.8 million video results! These videos provide advice and step-by-step guides for private citizens who want to make illegal modifications to otherwise legally-available semi-automatic firearms.

YouTube shouldn’t be allowing videos that teach people how to turn their weapons into deadly, illegal machine guns. YouTube must remove and ban these videos now.

I believe the ease with which anyone can turn to a website like Youtube to find tips and hacks to make deadly weapons even more lethal presents a clear and present danger to society.

Platforms like Youtube should be part of the solution to gun violence – not an enabler of deadly behavior. They must take action now. Enough is enough.

If you agree with me, please sign and share this petition calling on Youtube to take down millions of videos showing gun owners how to illegally modify their semi-automatic weapons into fully automatic killing machines today.

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