Bayer and Monsanto are stalling

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Beekeepers are getting ready to meet key decision makers all across the U.S to tell them just how devastating the Bayer-Monsanto merger would be for our bees and our food supply.

But they can't afford to go without your help.

Will you please chip in to stop the merger from hell?

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Bayer and Monsanto are stalling! The agri-giants just asked the U.S. committee scrutinizing their proposed mega-merger for more time.

This is our chance to tip the scale and stop the merger from hell for good.

So here’s the plan: U.S. State Attorney Generals have the power to launch a public joint investigation of the merger -- but they won’t act unless we ramp up the pressure.

With your donation, we'll pay for beekeepers and farmers to meet with their State Attorney Generals -- they’re ready to tell them just how devastating this merger will be for our bees and our food supply.

But without your help, beekeepers and farmers have told us that they simply can't afford to get to their State Attorney General offices under their own steam, so please can you chip in so that their vital testimony is heard directly by key decision makers?

Can you chip in to stop the merger from hell?

If every State Attorney General hears from their constituents, as well as local beekeepers and farmers about how bad this merger would be for our bees and our food supply, they can stop this merger from hell.

But without your help, we’ll miss the moment.

SumOfUs members like you have been at the forefront in the fight to stop Monsanto and Bayer from merging into the largest agribusiness in the world.

Together, we're continuing to pressure antitrust regulators in Europe and the U.S., using some of the best legal minds to prove that the merger is a violation of monopoly laws - and the pressure is working.

The European Commission recently announced that it is launching an in-depth investigation into the merger. This shows what can happen when hundreds of thousands of SumOfUs members like you speak up.

We know we can stop this merger. We did the impossible in 2014 when SumOfUs members helped stop Comcast from acquiring Time Warner in an unprecedented takeover. Now we need to keep the momentum going on both sides of the Atlantic to stop this merger.

Can you chip in to stop the merger from hell?

Thanks for all that you do,

Toni, Tricia and the team at SumOfUs

More information:

Bayer says needs more time for Monsanto deal approval, CNBC, September 19, 2017

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