We stopped Kinder Morgan construction

This Saturday, kayaktivists stopped construction on Kinder Morgan r1


This weekend I joined over 100 kayaktivists in Vancouver to stop construction on Kinder Morgan.

Together, we paddled out to the Kinder Morgan supertanker port where the company has begun construction on its dangerous Trans Mountain pipeline expansion. With our kayaks and canoes, we encircled Kinder Morgan’s barge, preventing the company from doing any work on the terminal.

At the end of the day, five of these bold kayaktivists were arrested. It was one of the most beautiful and powerful actions I have ever been a part of. Watch this video from Saturday to see for yourself:

Joined by leaders from Indigenous communities fighting Kinder Morgan on the frontlines, we demonstrated to politicians like Prime Minister Trudeau that people power will most... certainly do what it takes to stop this dangerous pipeline.

The Trudeau government agrees that all major energy projects in Canada need to pass a climate test. But for some reason, they have made an exception with Kinder Morgan. The Kinder Morgan pipeline was approved without any sort of a climate review. This double standard can not stand. Demand that Trudeau and his ministers give Kinder Morgan a proper climate test.

This Saturday was just the first spark.

We are working with our partners and allies in British Columbia to make plans for the ongoing resistance to the Kinder Morgan pipeline -- and we will keep you up to date with what’s next. Until then, help us make sure that Kinder Morgan gets a proper assessment of its climate impacts.

Thanks for standing with me in this fight.

In respect and peace,

Clayton Thomas-Müller

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