Sign the Pacific Climate Warriors Declaration and #HaveYourSei

I’m heading to the UN Climate Meeting, COP23, in Bonn with the Pacific Climate Warriors to deliver our demands for a Fossil Free world. r1

Bula friends,

We, the Pacific Climate Warriors, are weary from waiting for world leaders to take the necessary action to create a Fossil Free world. So we are taking matters into our own hands ahead of this year’s climate negotiations in Bonn, Germany, and we need you with us.

Along with people representing 12 Pacific Island nations, we’ve launched the Pacific Climate Warriors Declaration on Climate Change, outlining what needs to be done to avoid further climate catastrophe. We are asking you and people around the world to show your solidarity with the Pacific by signing our Declaration.

This year, Fiji holds the Presidency of COP23, the UN Climate Talks. So, it is a key time to highlight Pacific leadership on climate action. Rising... seas and weather changes are already taking a heavy toll in my region, but Pacific Climate Warriors are in Bonn to make our message clear: we are not drowning, we are fighting.

Pacific Islanders were some of the leading voices to advocate for the commitment to 1.5 degrees of warming in the Paris Climate Agreement. We know that living up to Paris means countries must keep their fossil fuels in the ground and rapidly transition towards a Fossil Free world where everyone has equal access to renewable energy.

That’s why we Pacific Climate Warriors, representing grassroots, indigenous, and frontline communities across the Pacific region, have penned this Declaration calling for world leaders to end the era of fossil fuels and instead build a 100% renewable future for all.

The Warriors and I are now in Bonn to publicly deliver our Declaration and these key demands at the COP23. You can follow our story and all the action at COP23 here and help us to amplify our voices as part of the #HaveYourSei campaign. A sei is a flower worn behind the ear, and represents the beauty and resilience of Pacific peoples and cultures in the face of climate change.

To drive home this message, I’m asking for your help today – wherever you are in the world. Sign the Pacific Climate Warriors Declaration on Climate Change in show of global solidarity in the lead up to Bonn.

#HaveYourSei in the global fight for the climate and support the Warriors in our call for a #FossilFree world.

Fenton Lutunatabua. Pacific is building a global climate movement. You can connect with us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and r38

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