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In 5 days, Nestlé is taking a tiny township in Michigan to court for protecting its water from Nestlé’s insatiable drive for profit.

Tell Nestlé to drop its bullying lawsuit.

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Wow. SumOfUs members like you are you have chipped in thousands of dollars to Osceola Township to protect its water from Nestlé's greedy extraction in the last week.

The community of under 2,000 people is just up the road from Flint, Michigan where residents still don’t have access to clean water after one of the most notorious water crises of the century.

Knowing the risks of mass water extraction the township voted... against allowing Nestlé to set up a pumping station. But instead of respecting the township’s wishes, Nestlé is suing to force them to let Nestlé take their precious water.

In 5 days, the case goes to court and SumOfUs members in Michigan plan to show up and peacefully ask Nestlé to drop its lawsuit. Please add your name now so they can deliver your message on the first day of the court hearing.

Sign the petition today to tell Nestlé to drop the lawsuit against Osceola township.

Nestlé is counting on Osceola township’s small size to allow it to quietly bully its way into mass water extraction. What Nestlé isn’t counting on is the power of people like you to amplify the issue around the world and force it to back down. But members like you, SumOfUs has already committed thousands of dollars to Osceola township’s legal fees.

This isn’t the first time SumOfUs members like you have taken action to protect water. For years we’ve worked consistently to protect water from Nestle’s greed. Over 375,000 of you called on Michigan to not let Nestlé walk away with 100 million gallons of water for a mere $200. Not only that, but you flooded Michigan’s Department of Environmental Quality with more than 26,000 comments asking it to reject Nestlé’s proposal.

Will you join me and sign the petition calling on Nestlé to drop its lawsuit against the Osceola township?

We know we have the power to stop Nestlé from stealing water. We won against Nestlé in Oregon and time and time again fought the water giant in Canada. And in the last 18 months, we had two major victories preventing major water extraction in New Zealand from water company NZ Pure Blue. We know that we can do it again in Michigan but we need your help.

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Thanks for all that you do,
Angus, Tricia, Wiebke, Emma, and the team at SumOfUs

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