Canada just signed the TPP

BREAKING: The Trans-Pacific Partnership is officially back.

That’s right. The largest global “trade” deal in history, the TPP would kill good jobs, drive up the cost of medicine, and open us up to way more toxic corporate tribunals under its investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) chapter.

The TPP all but died when Trump withdrew the U.S. from the deal in January. But some of the most pro-TPP countries - Australia and Japan - as well as an army of corporate lobbyists were determined to bring it back — and they just succeeded.[1]

Prime Minister Trudeau and the remaining 11 countries signed an agreement to move forward with the TPP without the US. They’re claiming that this agreement is progressive because it has tougher labour and environmental protections — they’ve even changed its name to the Comprehensive & Progressive Agreement for the TPP. [2-3]

The question is: is this good enough — or should we double down on the campaign to kill the deal once and for all?

The fight is far from over. Our Parliament still needs to debate and vote on it, which means that if we rally our people power, we can pressure MPs to block TPP in the House of Commons and kill this deal once and for all. But first we need to know — should we do it?



Last year we fought hard to get Canada to reject the TPP. We flooded government inboxes with tens of thousands of messages. We showed up in droves to in-person consultations across the country. Hundreds of us chipped in time and time again to commission polls, to run hard-hitting ads, to go door-to-door.

The Trudeau Liberals promised to listen to Canadians about whether or not we wanted in the TPP. Over 99% of people who participated in their online consultations said “no” to TPP. Only 2 people wrote in to the consultations supported the deal.[4]

After all this work to feed into the government’s process, it’s a slap in the face to revive the toxic TPP now — and sell off our collective future to the investors, the lobbyists, and the multinationals.

But there’s still time to stop it. The deal will be debated and has to make its way through Parliament. This might sound like a cold comfort, but I know everyday people can still stop this thing.

The question is do you want to? I’m asking because last time we checked in about the TPP, there wasn’t a lot of energy to campaign around it. But you might feel differently now that it’s officially back, or you might think what Trudeau has agreed to is good enough — I need to know!

So, do you think we should ramp up to fight the zombie TPP deal, or is it no longer a priority?



If we do this, we’ll be up against powerful pro-TPP forces, but we’ve proven before that by being creative, and by combining our voices and our dollars, we can beat them at their own game. So are you in?



Brittany, on behalf of the team

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