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Petitioning PetSmart End Breed Discrimination in Petsmart’s Doggie Daycare

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If you support all breeds, why support Breed Specific Legislation/Breed discrimination otherwise known as BSL? Every day innocent dogs such as Pit Bulls, Bull terriers, and other bully breeds are being put to sleep only because of one thing~ their stereotype. When you think “Pit Bull” what words come to mind? “Vicious”, “Dangerous”? What if I told you those words aren’t true? That those words are simply a burden all pit Bulls have to carry with them? This is the problem we’re facing, and now PetSmart is contributing to the hate.

According to PetSmart’s daycare guidelines, dogs of the bully breed, or mixed breeds that appear to look like them are strictly not allowed. Why are we mad? Because our dogs, no, our family members are being discriminated against just because of their looks. And we the people who own these wonderful dogs, are outraged and are determined to get justice for those who can’t speak, and we will not back down. If we win, will we be able to bring justice to these dogs. It is estimated half a million pit-bull type dogs are killed each year in shelters across the US. We need to put a stop from this, now.

Here are some common Pit Bull Myths ~

  • MYTH - Pit Bull's have Locking Jaws
  • REALITY - Pit Bull's jaws actually have the same characteristics as any other breed. They don't have locking jaws, however one natural trait is determination, so when they do something they'll make sure they are determined to get it.
  • MYTH - You should never adopt a Pit Bull, because you don't know it's passed Parentage & History.
  • REALITY - It all comes down to the dog's previous environment and past. It should be based on any dogs current personality.
  • MYTH - Pit Bull's are genetically aggressive.
  • REALITY - This is a stereotype. Pit Bull's natural traits are actually loyalty, Friendliness, obedient, and affectioness! Nowhere in those traits are aggressiveness.

So why do we care? These dogs can’t speak up for themselves, they have no voice. These dogs are being killed solely for their looks, and stigma. Let’s put an end to BSL and let’s make PetSmart an all dog friendly place.

Photo courtesy of @gotti_roxy from Instagram

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