Chiles Political System Shaken by Rise of New Anti-Neoliberal Left

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A Socialist Project e-bulletin .... No. 1519 .... December 4, 2017

Chile’s Political System Shaken by Rise of New Anti-Neoliberal Left

The first round of Chile’s presidential election was held on November 19. The right-wing candidate, ex-president Sebastian Pinera, won with 36% of the votes. He will compete in the second round against centre-left candidate Alejandro Guiller.

But the big surprise was the result for the Broad Front (Frente Amplio, FA), a heterogeneous left coalition headed by Beatriz Sanchez. The FA candidate came in third, with 20% of the vote (just two points short of making the second round).

The coalition also won 18 deputies and a senator, which is unheard of for an anti-neoliberal force outside of the traditional parties.

Viento Sur’s Brais Fernandez spoke with Luis Thielemann, an activist with Autonomous Left... (one of the organizations with parliamentary representation within the FA), about the elections and the rise of this new left formation.

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