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After a busy couple of weeks, I wanted to make sure you heard the good news. We’ve celebrated two giant milestones:

  • We’ve grown to over 200 million global users;
  • 73 million people have signed a petition that led to a victory.

These milestones have helped make the largest platform for creating change in the world, and prove that petitions work.

But to keep our vital service running takes huge behind-the-scenes work, and we're struggling to keep up. That’s why we are asking one more time for you to become a Member.

To make sure you can continue to stand up for the issues you care about, we need to reach another milestone — 2,000 Members.

So far, 1,061 amazing Canadians have signed on. Join their ranks and become a Member today.

Yes, I’ll chip in $5 CAD monthly

Your monthly membership will help ensure we can keep our platform independent, powerful, and ad-free.

PAOV, a small monthly contribution from you will mean that behind every 'sign here' button, a team of talented engineers and passionate campaigners are working around the clock to make sure there's a place to amplify the issues you care about.

Join today to help keep the place the world goes to create change.

Thanks for making a difference,

Laura Dunens Canada

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