Urgent: BC could make its final decision on the devastating Site C dam TODAY. Site C will cost taxpayers billions and destroy critical farmland that could feed millions.

This mega-project is a mega-mistake that we can stop if we act right now.

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Today, Premier John Horgan and his cabinet could make their final decision on the controversial Site C mega-dam project.

Site C would be an economic and environmental disaster, and despite proof that the dam will threaten Indigenous rights, critical wildlife habitat, and tens of thousands of acres of vital farmland -- they could approve this project as early as today.

The BC Utilities Commission's brand new... report on the project couldn't be more scathing. It says Site C makes absolutely zero economic sense and will cost taxpayers billions, and leave BC in debt for years to come.

Premier Horgan and key ministers including Finance Minister James and Energy Minister Mungall are slated to make a decision about this dangerous project as early as today -- so we need to make a huge public outcry now and prevent this disaster of a dam from ever getting built.

Please join me in signing the petition to tell Premier John Horgan and his cabinet to cancel Site C.

Site C's hydroelectric dam would be over 60 metres high and would flood a 100-kilometre stretch of river valley, destroying 13,000 hectares of prime agricultural land that could feed one million people a year.

It would also destroy traditional Indigenous cultural sites and hunting and fishing grounds, damaging movement towards reconciliation in the province. The United Nations has condemned the project for violating Indigenous rights and has called on BC to halt the project.

No amount of energy is worth the destructive cost of Site C, and experts know energy generated from the dam could be produced by wind and solar alone more cheaply and more easily.

We've succeeded in pressuring the B.C. government to do the right thing before. 120,000 of us called on the government to stop letting Nestle pump millions of litres of groundwater for pennies on the dollar -- and in the response agreed to revisit the regulations. We know we have the power to sway the government if we all stand together now.

The decision could happen as early as today -- will you add your name now?

Please sign the petition to tell Premier John Horgan, Finance Minister James and Energy Minister Mungall to cancel Site C.

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Thanks for all that you do,
Emma, Angus, Amelia and the team at SumOfUs

More information:

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