7 Days of Resistance: #2 Protecting Protest

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Dear friends and supporters,

On Day #2, we're celebrating free expression and protest rights by fighting back against frivolous lawsuits that are intended to silence.

Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (“SLAPPs”) are when Big Resources (private or public sector) sue Little Resources (individuals, non-profit organizations) in order to silence them.

The case may be unreasonable, but that won’t matter if you can’t afford to defend yourself in court.

We don't exist without your support. Make your year-end gift today in support of anti-SLAPP legislation.

Community groups opposed to local development or industry activities, environmentalists and journalists are prominent among those targeted with SLAPPs. These folks have the right to participate in our democracy without being financially crippled by malicious lawsuits.

A big part of the solution is anti-SLAPP legislation.

Donate today to support our work on anti-SLAPP legislation.

Anti-SLAPP legislation operates as a screen. It is meant to filter SLAPPs at the front end of the process to minimize the strain, financial and otherwise, on the party being sued. Even better, really effective anti-SLAPP legislation creates economic disincentives for filing SLAPPs in the first place.

As the oldest and largest civil liberties organization in the country, the BCCLA is fighting for anti-SLAPP legislation in BC and across the country.

It's time for all Canadian jurisdictions to get on board.

The BCCLA does not exist without your support, and we're still over $100,000 away from meeting our 2017 budget goals.

If protecting protest and free expression matter to you,r0

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