Please give Livia a chance to return to her land

Dispossession. Personified.

This is Livia, next to her house.

Fifty years ago the ground she’s standing on was lush forest. Then the invaders came. Gradually her people, the Guarani, have been pushed to the side. Literally – the side of a highway.

Her sister, nephew and uncle have been killed on the road. She has no clean water or health care. The forest, which her people looked after for thousands of years, is gone, so they can’t gather medicinal plants, or teach their children to hunt and fish. Little surprise that they have one of the highest suicide rates in the world.

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When her community protests, they’re attacked. Ranchers and police bulldoze their shacks. Their leaders are shot.

Her people have lived like this for twenty years. Thousands more are in similar conditions.

We think this is an outrage. We’re doing everything we can to get justice for Livia, so she has a chance of a better future.

We’ve been lobbying, publicizing, protesting and campaigning with the Guarani for decades as they fight to survive. They told us: “We want to thank you for your support – we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

But we can’t do it without your help. We don’t take money from governments or big corporations, so we rely entirely on people like you.

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From Livia, and from all of us at Survival, thank you.

Best wishes,

Stephen Corry

P.S. Survival is the only organization championing tribal peoples like the Guarani around the world. Our work is preventing their annihilation. Please help us. Your monthly donation allows us to keep fighting this urgent and horrific humanitarian crisis.

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