Down to the wire on Site C

Wow - hundreds of you sent messages warning the BC NDP government that you would rethink your support for their party if they let Site C go forward -- and it looks like the pressure is working! Rumours are circulating that backlash from NDP members has forced the government to delay their timeline and rethink their plan on Site C.

The BC government is showing that it’s vulnerable to blow back and if we can crank up our campaign now we can turn the tides against the dam. Politicians are especially sensitive to public pressure, so let’s make our pressure visible, with a massive Twitter campaign.

An avalanche of tweets directed at the key Ministers, publicly demanding they cancel Site C could be the final push we need to convince them to pull the plug on the dam.

Will you help flood the BC NDP with tweets pushing them to cancel Site C? It’s easy - just click the button below.



Momentum to stop Site C is growing - former BC NDP cabinet ministers just came out with an op-ed in the Globe and Mail saying that moving forward with the project will be harsher than cancelling it. If ever there’s been a moment to ramp up our campaign to stop Site C, it’s now. [1]

Will you send a tweet to let key NDP government decision-makers know you’ll reconsider your support for the party if they let Site C go forward?



If you don’t use twitter, the most important thing you can do today is to make a phone call to one of the key NDP Ministers who will be making the final decision on Site C. Click here to make your call now.

We can do this,

Rachel and Jolan on behalf of the Leadnow community



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