Urgent: BC Minimum wage

Right now, an independent Fair Wages Commission is studying how to implement a $15 minimum wage in BC - but the deadline for input is 4pm tomorrow. 


If we act fast, we can flood the commission with requests to implement the minimum wage hike quickly and for all workers. Can you send an email now?  


Tens of thousands of British Columbians who earn minimum wage are living below the poverty line, even if they work full time. [1]  

The new BC NDP government has promised to raise the minimum wage to $15. It’s a long overdue change that is desperately needed to ensure all workers can make ends meet, but there are some important details left to figure out. 
An independent Fair Wages Commission is studying how to implement the wage hike, and if we don’t pipe up they could slow down the timeline for implementation and even exclude some types of workers. 

The deadline to submit feedback to the commission is in just over 24 hours. If we act fast, we can flood the commission with requests to implement the minimum wage hike quickly and for all workers. Can you send an email now?


The Fair Wages Commission is asking for public input on when the minimum wage increase should be put in place, who should be excluded from it, and how our minimum wage legislation should be reviewed over time. We’re recommending that:

  • The wage increase starts in January 2019.
  • No workers should be exempted from this (including servers and farm workers).
  • The commission is made permanent, so that the minimum wage can be regularly reviewed.

When governments in Ontario and Alberta raised the minimum wage, they got a lot of pushback from the big business lobby.[2][3] If we don’t speak up for fair wages, we could see this important reform watered down or delayed. 
There are currently over 500,000 British Columbians earning less than $15 an hour. [2] That’s half a million low-wage workers in BC who are struggling to pay rent, feed their families, and pay their bills. This change could lift thousands out of poverty - and there’s no time to waste. 
The deadline for input is 4pm tomorrow. Will you send a message to the Fair Wages Commission today?


The movement for fair wages is growing across the country. Both Ontario and Alberta have committed to implementing a $15 minimum wage by January 2019, and BC could do the same. But we need to make sure that they don’t drag out the timelines or exclude certain workers from this change. 
When big business tried to sabotage the $15 minimum wage in Ontario earlier this year, over 14,000 of us came together to drown out the corporate lobbyists and stand up for low wage workers - and we won. If all of us take action now, we can do the same in BC. 
Low-wage workers in this province are struggling to make ends meet - and our pressure could be the difference between them spending the next four years or the next few months waiting for a wage increase to kick in. 

Will you call on the Fair Wages Commission to implement a $15 minimum wage for all by January 2019? 

Send a message: https://act.leadnow.ca/bc-fair-wages-commission/

We're in this together,

Chloe and Katelynn, on behalf of the Leadnow community

[1] BC Centre for Policy Alternative: Long Overdue: Why BC Needs a Poverty Reduction Plan
[2] CBC: Ontario's new $15 minimum wage bad for business, say critics
[3] CFIB: How will Alberta business handle massive minimum wage jump in uncertain economic times?

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