$60/10GB is still too much

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Stop paying so much for your cell phone bill, Paov.

The Big Three — Bell, Rogers, and Telus — have gotten away with charging some of the highest bills in the world all while pulling in the highest profits.1


But that ends now. They’ve shown us they can afford to offer data for at least as low as $6 a gigabyte with the recent, though short-lived, $60/10GB plans. Now show... them that you’re not going back to being gouged every month.

Sign our petition and add your voice to the thousands who have already demanded lower cell phone prices.

For an open Internet, lower cell phone prices, and your wallet,
—Katy, on behalf of OpenMedia


We’ve got them. Canada’s Big Three just showed their hand — this weekend, for a limited time, they each offered phone plans with 10GB of data for $60.2 Why now? A little pressure from a fourth player: Shaw's Freedom Mobile.3

And here's a reality check: People in other countries still pay a fraction of this. But it’s less than half, or in some cases a third, of what most of us pay here at home.4

The Big Three ran the deal over the weekend resulting in huge lines in stores, and customers holding for hours on the phone, as Canadians gave up their holiday weekends to try and get the rarest of rarities in Canada — a fair price on a cell phone plan.5, 6, 7

This deal only lasted a few days. But we know this should be permanent. Add your voice now and demand the Big Three offer fair prices.


Don’t forget: Canadians’ cell phone bills are still some of the highest in the world.8, 9

We need to keep this weekend’s momentum up online and in person, and keep demanding that these lower prices become normal.

A short-lived price war is not enough. Canadians deserve more – for less.

Take 30 seconds now and demand a fair price. Your friends and family, and your wallet, will thank you.

Yours for fair prices,
—Katy, on behalf of your OpenMedia team

P.S. Telecoms have no shortage of resources, but we punch above our weight. It’s because of the support of community members like you that we’re able to go up against Big Telecom. Please consider donating even $10 today to help keep up the fight.

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