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A, together we’ve achieved so much this past year. With your support, we’ve taken on corporate giants such as Nestle, Cartier, PepsiCo, and Bayer -- and won. But there’s so much more we need to do in 2018.

With corporate power raging, racism on the rise, and the continued destruction of our environment, it can feel hard, sometimes, to stay positive.

But when I see the SumOfUs community coming together, I realise there are so many reasons to be hopeful.

Already over 1,600 SumOfUs members like you have set up a special monthly gift to keep fighting back against corporate power in 2018. A, please can you join them today?

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Here's my original email:


We live in a world where some problems feel too huge to tackle. Big corporations profit from trashing our environment or watering down our human rights. Politicians funded by donations from big business, leading to decisions that hurt ordinary people.

It can all seem like too much. Threats to our families and the people we love - like climate change, or dangerous far-right politics - seem far bigger than something one good idea, or one good person, can fix.

At SumOfUs we agree. That’s why we believe it’s only people power - the power of millions and millions of you working together, all over the world - that can take on these challenges and turn them around. Corporations are big and powerful, but they are built by people just like you: you’re their workers, investors and customers. When those people - you - come together to challenge corporations doing the wrong thing -- that’s how we win.

It doesn’t take much money to run people-powered campaigns challenging powerful corporations: our technology is cheap, and our team is small and nimble.

But we can’t do it without your crucial support. For all our 2018 plans to come together, we need to bring on 2,500 new monthly donors contributing a few coins each by 31 December.

Can you please make a small monthly donation today so together we can keep taking on big corporations and winning?

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People power can get the job done. This year, members like you successfully stood with bee defenders to protect the EU’s ban on three of the worst bee-killing pesticides, despite a powerful industry lobby pulling out all the stops.

We took on big tech corporations after Trump’s victory, and got them to take a long, hard look at their role in stoking the fires of the far-right. Plus we stood in solidarity with brave communities in Canada and the US — people who are trying to protect their precious water by fighting off Nestlé’s greedy water grabs.

It’s never been more important to win on the big issues. Climate change grows more urgent every year, as communities on every continent struggle to cope with destructive extreme weather. Families are torn apart by rules created to keep private prisons in profit. Our fragile ecosystem is undermined by lethal pesticides backed by big agribusinesses.

But history tells us that there is no problem too big for people power to solve. People power has overcome dictatorships, colonialism and helped fix the hole in the ozone layer. It has built technology that connects us to the people we love when we are on the other side of the world. Now, we need it to get big corporations in check.

We need to know that we have your support before this year ends so we can be ready to take on corporate power in 2018. Will you help reach our goal of 2,500 ongoing supporters by making a small monthly gift before 31 December?

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From the bottom of my heart, thanks so much in advance for your support. I wish you a healthy and happy holiday season.

Hannah and the rest of the team at SumOfUs

PS: In case you’re mulling it over, here are some nice messages from our wonderful monthly donors who’ve told us why they fund this important work:

Because I also believe that if enough people care we can make a huge difference to the world. - Andrea, New Zealand

Glad that I can be part of an organization that fights corporate greed and political influence. - Jeanette, United States

I would like to make the world a better place for us and the next generations, and this is my way of helping at the moment. - Sara, Czech Republic

I strongly agree with most of your aims and objectives,... and ESPECIALLY PEOPLE POWER!!! :-) - Ian, Australia

I really believe in this organization and love that you guys are holding the big wigs accountable for their actions! It's a small contribution at the moment but I believe that every little bit helps. - Lindsay, Canada

Set up your monthly gift today:

Donate CA$5 a month Donate CA$10 a month Donate CA$25 a month Donate another amount

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SumOfUs is a worldwide movement of people like you, working together to hold corporations accountable for their actions and forge a new, sustainable path for our global economy.

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