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Dear Friend of Democracy,

Happy holidays to you and yours and we hope all is well – even although all is not well with Canada’s democracy. But Democracy Watch has won many key democracy changes for you in the past year!

And we have many more campaigns and lawsuits on the go that, with your support, will win other key changes to ensure governments and big businesses across the country serve you better, and don’t waste your money or gouge or abuse you or your family.

Here are... some recent victories for you that you may not have heard about (but hopefully you have heard about some of them, given that Democracy Watch was in the media 921 times in 2017, including 168 national media appearances):

  • the Open Government Campaign successfully pushed the federal Liberals to propose key changes to the open government system (although many more are needed for full transparency -- to see the CTVNews.ca article quoting DWatch about the changes, click here);
  • the Money in Politics Campaign helped push the new B.C. NDP government to propose key changes to move towards stopping the unethical influence of big money in B.C. politics (although more changes are needed – to see details, click here);
  • the Protect Whistleblowers Campaign successfully pushed a committee of MPs from all federal parties to unanimously recommend key changes to protect people who report government wrongdoing – to see details, click here;
  • Democracy Watch’s ethics complaints over the past year have led to the Lobbying Commissioner and the Ethics Commissioner investigating favours that many lobbyists have done for federal politicians – to see details, click here, and;
  • And Democracy Watch’s pushing finally led to the Ethics Commissioner finding Harper PMO Chief Nigel Wright guilty for paying off Senator Mike Duffy (to see details, click hereDemocracy Watch will soon proceed with its private prosecution of Wright and others in the Harper PMO – see details here);
  • however, the Lobbying Commissioner and Ethics Commissioner have both had negligently weak enforcement records in the past decade, so Democracy Watch is calling on the Auditor General to audit them – see details here – and has also filed four court cases against them – see details here.

Many more changes are needed to strengthen government ethics laws across Canada – because it’s currently legal for Cabinet ministers to profit from their decisions – see details here.

With your ongoing support Democracy Watch can win even more changes and stop even more unethical abuses of power by politicians and big businesses – please click here to help now!

Do you know that Democracy Watch is the only organization in Canada pushing governments and big businesses across the country to serve you better by:

  • stopping the big banks from gouging you and serving you badly – click here to see how;
  • stopping politicians from wasting your tax money – click here to see how;
  • stopping politicians from appointing their friends or lapdogs to key government jobs – click here to see how;
  • stopping big businesses and wealthy individuals from buying off politicians with big money donations – click here to see how;
  • stopping politicians from doing secret deals with big business lobbyists that hurt you, your family or your community – click here to see how;
  • and stopping politicians from lying to you – click here to see how.

That’s right – Democracy Watch is the only organization pushing to stop all these abuses of power by politicians and big businesses. And Democracy Watch is effective – more effective at winning changes for you than any other citizen organization in Canada in the past 20 years.

Democracy Watch has already won more than 150 key changes for you cleaning up politics and banking in Canada – click here to see the list of changes.

Your support now will help Democracy Watch win even more changes to protect you and your family. Even $5 a month will help!

Without your support, Democracy Watch can’t stop any unethical abuses of power – it just can’t. I know you want these abuses stopped – we can do it together!

Democracy Watch doesn’t need your support to pay for a big office or big pay for its staff – because Democracy Watch doesn’t waste your money on those things. In fact, Democracy Watch has the lowest costs of any national citizen advocacy group in Canada.

But Democracy Watch does need your support for:

- taking government officials to court when they don’t do their job (Democracy Watch currently has court cases against the federal Ethics Commissioner and Lobbying Commissioner, for failing to enforce ethics rules – see details r37

Copyright 2017 Democracy Watch

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