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Paov, the Internet is set for enormous change in 2018.

Our team is working diligently to have dragnet spy powers eliminated from the government’s new National Security bill, and we’ve just kicked off a new campaign that could significantly lower our cellphone bills. Meanwhile, online freedom of expression is in Bell’s sights, and we're getting ready to fight back.

With you by our side, Paov, we will prevail.

If you give to OpenMedia today, not only will we able to... continue building our advocacy tools and online campaigns in the new year, your contribution will be TRIPLED by a generous donor — this offer will expire in just 72 hours.

The enemies of the open Internet are not going to hold back. If you sign up now, we’ll be able to take our work to new heights, and keep our government officials responsible to our Internet users, not corporate behemoths. Can you help us with a donation?

Thank you for all that you’ve done.
Laura, on behalf of OpenMedia

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The Internet is at a turning point. Our government is pushing new invasive spying powers, while it seems Bell will stop at nothing to chip away at Canadian Net Neutrality and gain unprecedented powers for Canada-wide website blocking.1 2 As Net Neutrality has been dismantled in the U.S., Canada’s open Internet is more vulnerable than ever.3

Our nimble team is ready for these fights -- and we’ve received some seriously good news: a generous donor has just offered to TRIPLE YOUR DONATION if you give right now.

At OpenMedia, we’re experts in using cutting edge digital tools to force decision-makers to pay attention to citizen voices. But building and sharing these tools takes a lot of time and resources.

Our fight wouldn’t be possible without the strength of our grassroots donors: it’s their donations that enable us to run high-impact campaigns in Canada, the U.S., and around the world to defend the Internet.

And if you donate today, Paov, sponsors have generously agreed to triple the value of your donation. Please, give $10, $20 or whatever you can and triple your impact protecting the open Internet!

Here’s some of what we’re up against in 2018:

  • New National Security legislation, allows for out-of-control information sharing and threatens to create an open-ended intelligence dragnet that would severely harm our fundamental privacy rights. In the new year, we’ll be traveling to Ottawa to convince our government not to enact these invasive spying powers into new laws.4
  • Freedom Mobile blew the Canadian mobile data market wide open with its unprecedented $50/10GB plan, which forced other telecoms to temporarily lower their prices to compete. We’ve just launched a campaign that has set the stage for what will be a long fight to ensure prices, at least as low as these, are the norm industry wide.5
  • Bell has taken their scheme from NAFTA to the CRTC to create mandatory blocking systems for websites, which would also criminalize normal online activities.6 7 We’ve planned a series of actions to get this proposal rejected, no matter where Bell takes it.

If we are going to keep the Internet open, we’re going to have to fight to protect it. To succeed we need you, Paov, to donate today so we can unlock essential matching funds. Please join for this time-sensitive opportunity.

The open Internet is under constant threat, but because of people like you, Paov, we know we’ll be there to protect it.

With gratitude for all you do,

Laura on behalf of your OpenMedia team

P.S.: The open Internet empowers everyday people in an unprecedented way--to create, share, communicate, learn, invent, challenge government, support a cause, and express ourselves. Big Media, Big Telecom, and governments all want to put you and the free Internet on a leash. Please donate now before our special matching funds program ends-- for just this short time, we can triple your impact.

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