Visit Your MLA about Proportional Representation!

Can you visit your BC MLA about proportional representation?

Just ten months from today - or sooner - BC voters will be asked to vote in a referendum on proportional representation. Our grassroots volunteers are working hard to get the message out about why BC should vote yes to PR!

Research shows that political leadership - what opinion leaders say and do - has a large impact on a referendum, particularly when voters are unsure about an issue. For months, opponents have been spreading misinformation - in media, via paid advertising, and at meetings in communities.

The MLAs in all the parties are also opinion leaders. They need to hear why their constituents support PR now!

You don't need to be an expert to visit your MLA - just a constituent who cares about your MLA's position on electoral reform.

MLAs are in their home ridings until February 13. Can you help Fair Vote Canada BC by paying your MLA a visit about this important issue?

Sign up here to visit your MLA!

There's a good chance that most MLAs know little about PR. They may feel unsure when speaking about it. They may have questions. These visits might be the only accurate information they get.

When you sign up, we'll give you some information to take to your MLA and connect you to anyone else who signed up in your riding. If nobody else signed up in your riding, if you make the appointment, our experience is there's a very good chance we can find you some company.

What campaigners learned from the last referendum is that to reach enough voters, it's important to start our campaigning in communities EARLY.

In their Supply and Confidence Agreement, the BC NDP and BC Greens promised to campaign for a YES vote. We need to let them know their constituents support PR, and want to see them actively helping to mobilize a YES campaign in their community now!

Many BC Liberal MLAs have been spreading misinformation about proportional representation, but others have been silent. A visit to your BC Liberal MLA may help us understand their individual concerns and clear up some myths.

Even if your Liberal MLA does not become a PR supporter, some information and the knowledge that constituents support PR may help diffuse the strength of their opposition.

Fair Vote Canada is backed by evidence and powered by people! The work we do together now will help us build the strongest campaign possible in each community.

Please sign up to visit your BC MLA today.


Anita Nickerson
Fair Vote Canada Action Coordinator

P.S. We are now 1/4 of the way to our goal to raise enough money to hire an on-the-ground BC Organizer to mobilize volunteers and reach voters about PR. Please chip in now if you can!


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