Chickens crushed to death by forklifts

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As an undercover investigator for Compassion Over Killing, I worked at Atlantic Farm, a Tyson Foods contract facility in Virginia. The hidden horrors I witnessed inside this massive factory farm still haunt me.

Tyson commends itself on its “Commitment to Animal Well-Being”
— yet what I saw tells a starkly different story: I documented violent animal abuse as well as horrific suffering caused by Tyson’s genetic manipulation of birds for unnaturally fast growth.

Please sign and share my petition today to urge Tyson to put an end to the genetic manipulation of birds for fast growth and to truly become a food industry leader.

As a result of my investigation, Tyson ended its contract with Atlantic Farm. However, the chicken giant refused to accept blame for genetically manipulating birds for painful rapid growth.

At under two months old, these baby birds were already crippled—and trapped inside their own morbidly obese bodies—because Tyson genetically manipulates them to grow so unnaturally large, extremely quickly.

Tyson publicly strives to “shape the future of food”—but it remains firmly entrenched in this tradition of torture to churn out cheap, cruelly produced meat. Please join me in demanding that Tyson stop genetically manipulating birds for rapid growth.

Thank you for taking action,

“Alex” (Compassion Over Killing undercover investigator)

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