Convicted sex offender back in school

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Petitioning University of Calgary University of Calgary: Expel Connor Neurauter from the University of Calgary

Petition by Kaitlyn Casswell
Calgary, Canada


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On January 4th, 2017 Connor Neurauter plead guilty to Sexual Interference and was later convicted to 90 days in jail. In a egregious move by the courts, his sentence has been postponed until May so Neurauter can finish this semester at the University of Calgary.

The entirety of the court proceedings have been plagued with delays to accommodate the schedule of the now convicted sex offender. The Victim’s Mother expressed her frustration with the delays, “Sorry, he’s unavailable for court because he has a hockey tournament. He’s unavailable for court because he has exams. He’s unavailable to come do his plea on his own because he’s in the middle of studying. Let’s postpone his jail sentence until May so he can finish his year of university. Nobody has stood up and said no, during the whole thing — there was not one time where the judge or even the Crown said ‘please, this is not right.’”. Sending what can only be interpreted as a clear message that the courts will go to great lengths to shield the repercussions of court proceedings on a sex offender’s life while disregarding how those delays would affect the Victim.

While the courts have seemingly failed the Victim, the University of Calgary now has the opportunity to help change the narrative of this story. I and those who sign this petition, implore the University to take a stand against sexual violence and expel Connor Neurauter from school for violating the University of Calgary’s Sexual Violence Policy.

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