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Urgent: Nestlé just won its legal challenge to take water from Osceola Township. The tiny township has just appealed this decision -- but they'll need your help to keep fighting.

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This is outrageous: A judge just ruled that Nestlé can keep taking more water from the tiny township of Osceola, Michigan -- against the wishes of Osceola’s elected leaders.

But if Nestlé thinks this brave community of 2,000 is ready to give up, it’s wrong.

They just reached out to SumOfUs to ask for help to fund this crucial appeal of the court’s decision -- and they can’t do it without your support. Legal appeals are expensive and time-consuming, but if a few of us chip in a few dollars, we can help - or entirely cover - the town’s legal fees.

Can you chip in help stop Nestlé’s greed?

Donating just takes a moment -- use Paypal or your card.

Yes, I'll chip in to help stop Nestlé's greed.

Osceola Township is a tiny community of under 2,000 people, just up the road from Flint, Michigan where residents still don’t have access to clean water after one of the most notorious water crises of the century.

And when Osceola Township voted against allowing Nestlé to set up a pumping station, Nestlé sued the township and challenged their democratic right to decide what to do with their water.

Unfortunately, the judge ruled against Osceola Township and granted Nestlé a special land use permit to build a pumping booster station along a water pipeline that feeds a tanker loading dock in Evart even though it violates the township zoning ordinance.

But the fight isn’t over. With our help, they are going to fight this appeal until they win.

SumOfUs members from around the world have already donated an amazing $30,000 USD to cover legal fees for the township. Without this critical money, the township would’ve likely had to declare bankruptcy and they would have had to drop the lawsuit. Instead, they have been able to defend their democratic right to protect their water and have just appealed.

Your critical support can ensure they can continue the fight. Will you make a donation now to cover legal fees to take on Nestlé and keep fighting this awful decision?

SumOfUs has shown, time and again, that when we fight water giants, like Nestlé, we win. This fight isn’t over. With your donation, we can cover the legal costs of this appeal and make sure that we finally stop Nestlé from stealing this community’s water.

Donating just takes a moment -- use Paypal or your card.

Yes, I'll chip in to help stop Nestlé's greed.

Thanks for all that you do,

Emma, Angus, Amelia and the team at SumOfUs

More information:

Michigan township votes to continue court battle with Nestle, MLive, 4 January 2018

Osceola Township will appeal Nestle decision, Cadillac News, 3 January 2018

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