The threats of national security Bill C-59

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The threats of national security Bill C-59 - What you need to know.

Dear friends and supporters,

National security Bill C-59 is currently in parliament and it poses serious threats to our rights in Canada.

Tomorrow, January 30th, I will be testifying at Parliament Hill and bringing forward our concerns about the bill.

What exactly is Bill C-59? Read our primer here.

While Bill C-59 includes some welcome changes, it also has some concerning new problems:

  • Instead of reining it in, Bill C-59's accountability framework provides an official seal of approval for mass surveillance.
  • It fails to fix the denial of due process rights in Canada's flawed No-Fly List.
  • It gives the CSE (Canada's NSA) new powers to conduct cyber attacks.
  • It doesn't include an absolute prohibition on the use of torture-implicated intelligence.

Read our new blog post outlining the biggest threats Bill C-59 poses to our rights.

I will be in committee tomorrow at 3 PM PT/ 11 AM ET to highlight these concerns and more. Watch my testimony here, and stay tuned for updates on the bill!


Micheal Vonn,

Policy Director


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