BC blocks new tar sands shipments.



The government of British Columbia just delivered a huge blow to the Kinder Morgan pipeline. Today, they announced regulation that would temporarily prohibit new tar sands shipments on the West Coast while the government assesses the risk these exports pose to land, water and communities. If the risk is too great, BC will move to make this regulation permanent.

We already know that First Nations, municipalities and people all across BC vehemently oppose this pipeline and now the province has made its position clear as well. It’s time for Prime Minister Trudeau to do what’s right. Join us in calling the Prime Minister’s office to tell Trudeau to stand up to Big Oil and respect the people of BC by supporting this decision from the provincial government.

This could be the end of the line for Kinder Morgan, but we know that right now... the most powerful fossil fuel companies and Big Oil billionaires are calling up Justin Trudeau, demanding that he override BC’s decision. That’s why we need to demonstrate that all across Canada, people support today’s announcement. We need to remind the Prime Minister of his own words that, “only communities grant permission” for projects like Kinder Morgan.

Call the office of the Prime Minister to tell him to stand up to Big Oil bullies.

People power made this monumental decision in BC a reality. Let’s keep up the pressure by telling Prime Minister Trudeau to choose people and the planet over Big Oil at this pivotal moment.



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