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Petitioning Honorable Chui Sai On Honorable Chui Sai On: Save 650 greyhounds in China

Petition by GREY2K USA Worldwide
Arlington, MA


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The time has truly come to bring the Canidrome racetrack dogs home! Please sign our petition to the Chief Executive of Macau and ask him to order the release of 650 greyhounds now.

For decades, and because this terrible track never had an adoption program, every dog that raced at the Canidrome was doomed to die. Greyhounds either collapsed from their injuries or were methodically destroyed and replaced with younger, faster dogs once they stopped winning. In fact, no greyhound ever got out alive. Hundreds died each year.

But now the Canidrome has been ordered to close and stop racing dogs by July 21, 2018. We have now formed an international safety net to transport these long-suffering hounds to freedom. Thankfully, several dogs have already come out to safety, but the track owner has been slow to release significant numbers of greyhounds.

The Canidrome dogs need your help now. Please sign our petition and ask the Macau government to step in and order their release.

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