Thinking Differently About Poverty

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One of poverty’s many harms is the way it restricts its victims’ access to justice. Unfortunately, most of the world’s governments still treat poverty and the law as separate issues. Shielding judges and attorneys from political meddling is obviously crucial, but enforcing this barrier too rigidly makes it harder for policymakers to see how poverty and legal needs interact. There’s a long way to go, but the grassroots work being done in the United States and Colombia is deeply encouraging.


Latin America & the Caribbean

Why Latin America Is a Hotbed of Political Innovation

A man spray-painting a pushcart
After years of authoritarian rule in many countries, a wave of political engagement is sweeping across Latin America, transforming the region into a seemingly bottomless reservoir of new ideas for modernizing democracy.

Education & Youth

Helping Teachers Create More Inclusive Classrooms

Teacher with his palm up in front of a line of students
Although the inclusive education movement has more supporters than ever, turning theory into practice can be the hardest part. A new initiative seeks to help teachers by giving them practical advice.

Governance & Accountability

Russia’s Presence in France Goes Deeper Than RT

An audio/video production mixing console and monitors
While questions about the proper role of Russian state-backed media in France are important, the longstanding historical, cultural, and political links between the two countries are being overlooked.


Facing Bushmeat’s Real Costs

A guard holding a rifle and leaning on a barbed wire fence
In this week’s Open Society Instagram takeover, an exploration of the illicit market for bushmeat and its devastating consequences.

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