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We knew they’d come at us with everything they had. Members of the censorship coalition spearheaded by Bell have long been known for aggressively pursuing their agenda,1 and this latest push to have the CRTC do their bidding is no different.

They don’t seem to care that they’re massively overstating the scale of a problem in order to implement a website blocking scheme.2 Once again, our free and open Internet is under attack.

So at the end of the month... we’re mobilising defenders of the open Internet all over Canada to come together to say no to Internet censorship, and we need you to be a part of it.

Will you join us on February 28th for a national day of action to protect Canada’s open Internet?

Evidence around the world shows that website blocking schemes produce massive numbers of false-positives. When the UK implemented a scheme similar to what’s been proposed here, as many as one in five sites in the UK were blocked.3 Legitimate business, health services and personal blogs were inaccessible.

No matter what they’re saying now, how long will it be before this censorship coalition tries to block content they don’t like, disapprove of, or disagree with?

We can’t let Big Telcos like Bell, and media giants feigning serving the interests of creators, dictate what can and can’t be seen online, to protect their own revenues.

On February 28th we’re saying no to the censorship coalition, and we want you to stand with us.

We’ve already seen the Big Telecoms win in the U.S. with Net Neutrality protections wiped away, a change that will impact on regular Internet users like us.4 We can’t let companies like Bell seize control of the Internet here in Canada too. Join us on February 28th!

Thanks again for being a part of this.

—Katy, for your OpenMedia team

P.S. The members of the censorship coalition are some of the most powerful organisations in the country. But we have something they don’t: you. Please consider donating to OpenMedia to keep up the fight for a free and open Internet.

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