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We don’t have long to stop a massive open-pit copper-gold mine that would destroy Indigenous ancestral lands and pollute critical environmental habitat.

Tell Federal ministers to scrap the KGHM Ajax copper mine now.

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The Canadian government is just days away from deciding the fate of the massive Ajax copper-gold mine. If built, the mine would destroy an ecologically-sensitive area that is home to over 250 different animal, plant and bird species, and sits on the sacred lands of the Stk’emlupsemc te Secwepemc Nation (SSN), where 7,000 year-old cultural artifacts have been uncovered.

The BC government just did the right thing and said no to this... project that would sit mere kilometers from homes, schools and a hospital -- putting residents at risk of water contamination and health problems from toxic pollution. This is an incredibly positive first step -- but both levels of government need to reject the project to stop it.

Now, we need to up the pressure on the Federal government to follow BC’s lead and put the final nail in the Ajax mine’s coffin.

Please join me in signing the petition today to tell the Federal government to deny permits for the KGHM Ajax copper mine

The Ajax mine would destroy, or permanently affect, 2,500 hectares -- or about 4,000 football fields of land and water, including unique and fragile grasslands. Mine wastewater and toxic dust in the watershed pose huge threats to the air and water in the area, and put local residents at risk from toxic contamination.

The mine would also irreversibly destroy the Pípsell Cultural Heritage Area, a sacred site that First Nations are trying to protect for future generations.

Both Indigenous and non-Indigenous locals are adamantly opposed to the mine because of the huge threats to the culture, environment, and health of the area and its residents.

Together, we can amplify their voices and help ensure this project is not built.

SumOfUs has fought against mining giants in BC before. Over 41,000 of caring members like you called on Prime Minister Trudeau to hold Imperial Metals accountable for the Mount Polley disaster. Time and time again, we have proven again and again that we can stand up against mining giants -- and we will this time, too.

Please sign the petition today to tell Federal ministers to deny permits for the KGHM Ajax copper mine.

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Thanks for all that you do,
Angus, Emma, Amelia and the team at SumOfUs

More information:

Environmental Assessment Office completes review of Ajax Mine near Kamloops CBC, November 22 2017
Six Reasons To Be Concerned About the Ajax Open Pit Mine in Kamloops, B.C. Mining Watch, April 6 2016

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